{39+5 weeks}

 "Time is an old firmly rooted tree; we are the breeze rustling its leaves." ~Terri Guillemets}

I'm ready. I've felt every emotion there is to be felt during pregnancy. Unlike my first, I've embraced every piece of it, like standing in the rain in the middle of a storm, letting the water drench my clothes and cool my skin, I lived deep in this pregnancy. I wrote it all down, I confessed my fears, I rejoiced in the magic of it all, I cried and leaned on my husband when it got hard, I cherished every moment with my first born, etching into my memory the moments when it was just her and I. I've had false alarms, and more contractions than I can count. The weeks have slowed me down as I speed towards this delivery, and yet these last few days have me at a stand still, I'm present, here in each moment, treating myself gently. Waiting...as everyone watches me out of the corner of their eye for signs that he/she's coming. In my heart I know it'll be an 'out of nowhere surprise,' just like Elly. Just when I think I can take no more, when the water calms, when my mind rests, when I surrender, when my body is at ease, that's when I'll work. That's when time will become meaningless, and I will bring this new life into my arms, and once again I'll say...it was all worth it, every bit!