Rinse & Repeat

"You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance." ~Franklin P. Jones

Being a work at home mom has it's perks and disadvantages. E-mails might be prematurely sent, due to a trigger happy toddler, red crayon turns up on walls, when my back is turned. Then there's diaper changes, snack time, lunch time, snack time, dinner time, crazy time, and bed time, {rinse and repeat...the kids not me, ain't nobody got time for a shower}. Let's not forget that there is work is in there somewhere. It all can be a bit overwhelming, the idea of going to an office just to get away from this working chaos, and to be able to talk to someone over the age of 1.5 is pretty tempting.

Then there are moments like these, where late night editing is serenaded by the sweet sound of my daughters breath, her head gently tucked beneath my hand. It's then that I think this whole 'work at home mom' thing might not be so bad. The days of schooling will be here all to soon, and e-mails will cease to be sent before they are ready, and I know I won't regret having spent every moment prior loving on my children when I had the chance.